We are more than developers, more than the people you hire to overlay digital tools onto your real-world activities. We are strategic thinkers, innovators, efficiency-creators. We are SOCIAS, your partners at every level.

Want to make your business agile and future-proof? Techcertainty: we create for your needs. Digital strategy, architecture, software development, execution, all for you, all to your specifications, on time and within your budget. That’s Techcertainty.


Our use of Agile Methodology in our processes ensures rapid movement from demand to solution with client collaboration throughout. This not only ensures that solutions will be delivered at speed, but that the client will receive exactly what she wants and needs.


Data is the new gold, the new oil. The most successful businesses are the ones that collect the right data and use it effectively. Socias can help you to determine the data you need for optimal results, collect it, and compile it into reports.


We use Business Architecture to bridge the gap between your business needs, identifying the solution to meet those needs and guiding that solution's successful execution.


Using Solution Architecture we help you to develop solutions based on predefined processes, guidelines and best practices.