e-ON is a digital tool which allows businesses to rapidly establish themselves online. Businesses of any size can use e-ON to move to an e-commerce site painlessly, within ten days, enabling consumers to connect with them and purchase securely online. Sold in multiple countries throughout the region, e-ON is easily customizable and available in English, Spanish and other languages.

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Socias in e-ON

Socias has built a secure, impactful e-commerce ecosystem that meets the needs of any business and its consumers in a way that no other product on the market can. e-ON combines technology, marketing and end-user experiences to deliver a full ecosystem that transforms everyday consumers into online shoppers. Developed and supported using Socias years of expertise in technology and business, e-ON is available in three versions, each of which applies key learnings based on current data and trend analysis.

e-ON Primary

For businesses that prefer to manage the entire process themselves, e-ON Primary builds a site using the client's provided domain name, logos, colours and other information and delivers a feature-filled, ready-for-sales product to the client.

e-ON Premium

For businesses that would rather devote resources exclusively to sourcing and producing their products/services and delivering them to customers, e-ON Premium provides all the features of e-ON Primary, and adds management services, including site marketing, customer service, all the way through to order acceptance and fulfillment/booking. Customers of e-ON Premium also receive the data they need to make the best decisions going forward.

e-ON Premium+

For businesses that prefer to leave the e-commerce activity for someone else to manage and grow on their behalf, e-ON Premium+ is the perfect product. The entire end-to-end process of site sales through to delivery to site customers is managed by e-ON's support specialists who are highly motivated to grow the site's sales. In addition to all the features of e-ON Primary, including data for decision-making, e-ON Premium+ also includes Artificial Intelligence functions for optimal site performance.


BelizeON.bz is the premier online marketplace made for Belizeans and Belizean businesses. Powered by Socias Ltd., it is the first online marketplace in Belize with the capability of browsing for products, services & events, enabling online purchase via multiple secure payment options and with delivery right to the door of consumers. BelizeON is leading the way in the current Covid-19 environment as the only no-contact safe purchase and delivery option available in Belize.

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Website Development

Socias develops websites including developing backend functionality that enables ease of use and independence from developers.

Mobile App Development

Socias develops mobile applications for both the IOS and Android environments, ensuring that the software architecture provides both for easy development in a modular way and for the optimal mobile user experience. Our development methods allow for rapid development and full client involvement so that the app meets expectations at launch.

Custom Software Solutions

Socias develops software according to clients? needs. Using Agile and other state-of-the-art methodologies, we spend time with the client to analyze their needs before suggesting a solution. Our development process involves the client throughout every stage, so that his expectations are fully met at the time of delivery.