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We are more than developers, more than the people you hire to overlay digital tools onto your analog activities. We are integrators, innovators, efficiency-creators. We are SOCIAS, your partners to the next level.


Techcertainty: we go past the limits of imagination to design for your needs. Using the latest technology, we provide certainty. Data, design, delivery, all for you, all to your specifications or better. That’s Techcertainty.


"We take you to digital change"

SOCIAS’ mission is to bring their ideas for innovative solutions together on behalf of their clients. Efficiency,  sustainability, agility, these are keywords for success in today’s business climate. Translating these words to actions, that’s what SOCIAS does.

SOCIAS is the creation of three female executives who all had the same idea that things should be done differently. Each brings to the table years of experience, two with large companies and one as an entrepreneur.

SOCIAS are more than developers, more than the people you hire to overlay digital tools onto your analog activities. We are integrators, innovators, efficiency-creators. We are SOCIAS, your partners to the next level.

Sonia Ceballos

“Making the impossible possible”


Sonia has done this in her telecommunications career, delivering large projects in record time and within budget, creating efficiencies and maximizing resources. She has familiarity with systems architecture, project design, execution and team-building. She brings twenty-two years of experience, most at leadership levels, to SOCIAS and our clients.

“Disrupt. Innovate. Transform.”


Kay has over two decades of experience in management, including business restructuring and modernization. Additionally, a background in economic policy analysis and development strategy through involvement with economic advocacy, port development and other entities at a leadership level. 

Juliana Ceballos

“There is always a solution”


Juliana brings more than a decade of experience in software architecture, software development, digital strategy and innovation and agile methodology to the table along with certifications and education from MIT, Google, Amazon and numerous others.

Kay Menzies



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